To & Fro, Mafwa Theatre (April - June 2019)

Film project to form part of a performance and exhibition by Mafwa Theatre, a participatory women's theatre group for refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds.


The exhibition will tour the UK as part of Journeys International Festival, 2019. The focus of the project is To & Fro: the journeys we make and how we live in and through these experiences.

Distorted Constellations (December 2018 - February 2019)

Collaborated with Nwando Ebizie to curate, design and install an anteroom and audience evaluation exercise.

This accompanied Ebizie’s exhibition and programme of events, Distorted Constellations, held at Caustic Coastal as part of HOME’s Push Festival 2019.

The role was intended to improve accessibility to the arts across the neuro-diverse spectrum. 


Quietus Review: